My HP Mini 1110NR gets a touch screen!

July 27th, 2009

About a month ago, I had to visit one of our customers on site in LA, so I booked a morning flight on Virgin America. When I came to the gate, it turned out that flight is a first one with Wifi service on board. So VA and Google had a promo “Day in the Cloud”┬áscavenger hunt challenge, our flight was competing with flight from LAX to SFO and the winner would get HP Mini netbooks for everyone on board. Long story short, due to some network glitch we were unable to play the game for about 20 minutes and VA decided to give away netbooks for both flights!

So I got my netbook for free, and I decided to experiment with it and have some fun. After successful installation of Mac OS X I asked myself, “What’s next?” And the obvious answer was, touch screen! So I ordered one of those 8.9″ solderless touch screen kits on eBay. I got the box today and after I opened it, inside I found a touch screen, the controller board, some double side tape and three styluses.

In order to install the touch screen, the Mini 1110 must be taken apart completely, including keyboard, main PCB, SSD drive, screen and bezel. That process took about an hour and then I realized I don’t have any USB connector on the PCB to connect the touch screen, so I had to cut the wires and solder the controller (which also has a USB hub on board) between the USB controller connector and one of USB ports. Then I attached the touch screen on top of the LCD, secured it with double tape and re-assembled the netbook. Quick power on to make sure that everything works - and it did - and on to the software installation.

The driver is downloaded from the internet and installs in seconds. It has tons of advanced settings which control the behavior, but I didn’t have a chance to play with those settings yet. Instead, I went through 25-point calibration process, one more reboot and there we go - HP Mini 1110NR with Mac OS X and touch screen!