DDIY (Don’t-Do-It-Yourself) Ring Flash Part II

December 28th, 2008

I finally found some time to do quick test of the ring flash attachment. As I expected, it loses 1 to 1.5 stops of light, so I had to dial +1.5EV on my flash. The light is very smooth and even and catchlights are perfectly round :)
Verdict - definitely worth hundred bucks spent.

DDIY (Don’t-Do-It-Yourself) Ring Flash Part I

December 11th, 2008

Thanks to Strobist, DIY ring flash attachments to on-camera strobes became very popular among amateur photographers. The ring flash creates soft and  uniform yet shadow-less light, almost like wrapped around your subject. I made my own version about a year ago, from the pair of plastic salad bowls sold in Ikea for a couple of bucks and a piece of plastic pipe connector. It worked for me pretty well; however, it’s too bulky and the major problem is that I had to hold the flash with the attachment in one hand and the heavy camera with lens attached in the second hand. I was very excited when Ray Flash was announced, but a) it’s not available for my flash+camera combination (5D + 550EX) and b) they want $300 for a nice piece of black and translucent plastic. Instead, I picked a cheap knock-off on eBay for $90 + free s/h. It has no brand name so I called it DDIY - Don’t Do It Yourself :)

Next week I will test it and post some results here.